Welcome to Banana Café

The name Banana Café comes from one of our special drinks Banana Coffee, which is made from fresh blended banana put into hot coffee, so the banana works like a creamer with natural sugar. The owner decided to give her shop a new name which can represent the whole menu better. Besides the traditional Vietnamese Sandwich (Banh mi), Banana Café also serves freshly made-to-order salad rolls, Vietnamese sticky rice plate, steamed buns and a variety of drinks including bubble teas and fruit smoothies.

At Banana Café, everything is made to order to guarantee the best taste. Wouldn’t it be amazing to watch the owner squeeze fresh ginger and real honey into a brewed green tea cup to make the signature honey ginger tea?

The owner decorates Banana Café according to her spiritual belief. The green atmosphere with a banana tree represents her zodiac element “Tree”. A little aquarium with running water and beautiful goldfish is believed to bring luck and customers to Banana café. Since the owner is a Buddhist, there is a sacred place for the Buddha and the God of Land to bless for her business.

Come to Banana Café, you will experience a new fresh view of an Asian Café. Let us satisfy you with our most traditional Vietnamese food and delicious cold treats.